by Relvin Gonzalez

How far will the archangels go to awaken the bloodline's heir?
A Viking Story of Revenge and Self Discovery
# Historical Fiction
# Angels
# Action
# Fantasy
# Alternate History

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When he came back, there was nothing left. Jarl Eindride finds his settlement burnt to the ground. Now he must trust a stranger to lead him to whoever was responsible. And avenge his wife Liv’s death. In this epic tale of revenge and redemption, the jarl must confront his own demons and harness the full extent of his power to take on those who have wronged him. Will he emerge victorious and reclaim his rightful place as a Viking warrior, or will his journey lead him down a path of destruction? Find out in this gripping tale of a Viking's quest for justice. Get it now. As part of the 444 Universe, Hefnd offers backstory depicting events occurring before Path of the Hybrids.