by Relvin Gonzalez

How far will the archangels go to awaken the bloodline's heir?
A Viking Story of Revenge and Self Discovery
# Historical Fiction
# Angels
# Action
# Fantasy
# Alternate History

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They came in the dark, silent as shadow walkers, deadly as giants. On the last night of Yule, savage raiders ransack a Viking village. Only a few survive. Years later, Eindride, the Jarl’s son, sets on a fruitless quest to avenge his clan. Upon his return, he confronts the devastating reality that he has unwittingly led his people to the same fate. His village lies in ruins, his kin slaughtered. A wanderer, who claims to have witnessed the devastation, guides the Viking to the attackers. Now Eindride’s chance at revenge lies in the hands of an enigmatic stranger. Will this treacherous path finally lead to vengeance, or his death?